Showing the completely new Store Locator

The letter We have launched a completely new store locator. It’s a free of charge map tool to help players find both occasions and Masters of magic Play Network locations! The store locator is becoming changed into all eleven languages we support, but it’s available too nowadays for the mobile phone.

If you pull-in the store locator you’ll be welcomed getting a window similar to this:

If you’re looking for something specific, for instance finding what stores close to you host Standard Friday Evening Miracle occasions, your advance search options will need proper proper care of that.

Realize that your view might change from mine these were adopted the dev atmosphere, and so the search options might change from what’s live.

You might realize that the completely new store locator can be a greatly upgraded interface for clients, but furthermore stores! Let’s take a look inside a local store:

Design is and also readable. Exactly what it does is focus on the stores and venues for occasions. Have to know to play FNM in your town? It’ll search and display all the stores close to you hosting FNM.

Are you currently presently likely to mind away and off to college inside the coming several days and need to know to play nearest your campus? The Store Locator For Website can help you!

When you uncover a store you have to have a look at, you will see every approved event it’s scheduled:

Relating to this listing, you will notice the Facebook “Like” buttons to ensure that it is simple to inform your pals what occasions you’ll be attending-where! Also, there is the calendar icon round the left side of each and every row, which allows you to definitely then add event for the calendar. What this means is stores will have an easily handled centralized calendar its their Masters of magic in the Coast Organized Play occasions!

After I stated, we’re offering it in eleven languages! In addition, if you’re on the move, you’ll find this is often a mobile-enhanced site. Just in case your phone features a Gps navigation it’ll request permission to use where you are since the grounds for your quest.


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